Romeo and Juliet pictures preview

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more senior pics

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JUNE Strava Challenges

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Dipsea   6,600ft of climbing in 3 weeks ended June 14.  Completed 7264  110%

Climb for Nepal Run  Climb 2212 meters June 1-30  As of June 21st completed 3323  150%

Climb for Nepal Cycling  Climb 8848 meters June 1-30  As of June 21st completed  8895  100%

Beat the Sun  Run 148km June 1-21  Completed today with a 14.7 mile trail run w Mizi   100%

10K  Run in June  completed

13.1  Run in June  completed today

Gran Fondo 115  has yet to be completed (still have 9 days left in June)

Ride to 7-11 with Adam 46 miles with 6400ft of climbing then 6.4 mile hike on PCT to top of Pelona Ridge

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Yesterday I drove to Santa Clarita to ride with my partner and friend Adam Laraway.  I got to his house a bit early to warmup and see if I could capture a segment or two of his around his neighborhood.  We then rode Sand Cyn to Little Tujunga Cyn down to San Fernando and then back up.  There is a 7-11 store at the bottom turnaround.  Adam and I did not stop, we continued climbing back over and came down from the Camp 9 turnoff at the top of Sand Cyn very fast.  Adam has a faster descent than I do so I peddled hard at the bottom to catch up and for the remainder of the ride back to the 14 Fwy we alternated pushing the pace.  We ended up with a 6th and 7th overall on the full segment 76-711-76.  It starts at a 76 station.

I stopped off to get something to eat before heading up Bouquet Cyn to the PCT where I tested my weary legs in the 1pm sun.  This was a tough climb but I did it to replicate the Baden Powell hike that I want to do after biking to Vincent Gap at the base of Baden Powell.

I got home and uploaded to find out I took the Spencer min climb in front of Adam’s house on my warmup with a 1:04 beating the 1:18 KOM time.  I realized this is not a good thing and he may have second thoughts about having me over for a bike ride.

Biggest Strava Segment-largest climb

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It is the Big Pines climb from Valyermo to Big Pines or Mtn High. It was part of my ride from Pearblossom to Mtn High.  I rode it on June 7,2015  The climb is 3207 ft and is 13.9 miles long.  I rode at a consistent pace with no rest as your rest time would be included in the segment time.  I ended up with an average speed of 10mph.   I have the fastest time in 2015 and I am the fastest 55+ with a 1 hour 23 min and 41 second time.  Again my nemesis but not this time is Dennis White with a 55+ time of 1:27:25  His best time was in the 45-54 age group 1:24:52.  There was no tailwind to help me out.  This was a test ride for my planned ride from QHHS to Vincent Gap then hike Baden Powell and possibly ride back down.  It would be a century+ and an 8 mile round trip hike.

Victoria Grace senior pictures preview Danielle O’Quinn photographer

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Trek Star date June 1 of the year 2015 Last run was 5 weeks ago

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I rode my Trek Madone 5.2 also known as Trek Star on the Ojai Century 100 miles from Ojai to Santa Barbara to Ventura to Santa Paula and back up to Ojai.  101 miles and 5,678 ft with 6 hours 8 min riding time and total time of 7 hours and 24 min that means we took it pretty easy at the stops ( 1 hour and 16 min)  I averaged 16.4 mph.  Avg speed up until lunch time was over 18mph then we headed inland and up the 150 back to Ojai where the going was much slower 9-13 mph.  I took in about 18 fig newtons, 2 bananas,  turkey sandwich, plate of potato chips,  bagel and cream cheese and watermelon.   Only used one honey waffle from my stash.   I felt very good the whole ride with no cramping issues just a sore neck and occasional numbness in my left hand.

I signed up for Dipsea a running climbing challenge of 6000ft by June 14 and Beat the Sun another running challenge of 148 km by June 21st the first day of Summer.  So I am thinking the next two weeks will be a lot of running in the mountains.  I also have the climbing bike challenge Climb for Nepal which is the 29000ft by the end of the month.  Not sure I will make that one but I will need to do some climbing as I am getting ready for Rapha Rising in July which is 29000ft of climbing in 9 days, a much shorter time frame.

Yard work is over until next spring.  TIME TO TRAIN!!!photo


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