Desert Christian 2nd at CIF Finals

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DC boys advance to CIF Finals

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They won their heat in Riverside Calif at the CIF Prelims.  They will go into the finals next Saturday ranked 2nd in the state but there is a question on whether they will finish 2nd at the CIF Finals.  Our problem is that our 5th place runner is not fast enough to break 17 min at Mt Sac.  We have lots of depth after the 4th place runner but none of them are fast enough to break 17 min at Mt Sac.   Ethan Laubach was probably the best shot we had but he has been out sick and is just now recovering.  Kevin Pacheco has not proven himself in a race yet and all his soccer has taken away some good old fashioned CC work.  Caleb Fleckenstein and   Mynor Seguro have not come close to a sub 17 min race this year.

The pressure maybe on the top 4 runners to make up for the 5th runner finishing way back in the pack.

It ain’t about being cheap, it is about the lifestyle stupid!

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Can you put your phone away for a day?  Can you stop checking social media for awhile?  This Mustache guy really does get it and he lives it.  He does things his own way like getting rid of the beeeeep on his microwave.

He lives spending just 25K a year but is rich in so many ways.  He chose this lifestyle when he was 30 years old.  He is now 41 and has been ‘retired’ for 11 years.  He is a home schooler!   The consumption minded reporters don’t get it and do not understand the lifestyle.


Your money can work harder than you can

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Every material thing in your lifstyle comes with a cost. You can borrow the money to buy it, or you can pay for it outright.

Every bit of money you own carries the potential to generate an annual return. Whether you use this money for investments, or paying for the material parts of your lifestyle, or a mixture of the two, is irrelevant. The money is still working for you.  MMM

I think I am bothering my kids because I am sending them too many articles from this blog called Mr. Money Mustache.  So I will start posting the links on my blog and they don’t have to read the emails.  Nobody teaches this to kids today.   Kids today do not realize the value of compounding.

Hedonic Adaptation

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I have NOT been working out for the past 2 weeks due to Bronchitis and skin allergies.  I hope to get back to it soon as it provides much happiness for me.   Some of this extra time I have has been figuring out finances and looking forward to retirement.

My 3rd child will be starting college next year after a year of dancing in Pittsburgh and after 2017 she will be my only one in college which means I can really evaluate ‘retirement’.   I want my life to continue the service mentality of helping others overcome physical problems and possibly expand it to helping people overcome financial problems.  One of the biggest problems I see in the young kids I train besides the fascination with the opposite sex  is there preoccupation with “Nice Things”.   Taking them back and forth into the mountains to train I hear them gloating over cars, gadgets and whatever so and so has.   I am thinking about the dangers of massive debt they could be in for those nice things.   Discipline in one area does not always transcend to other areas of your life.

I should not be embarrassed to be taking these kids in my 2003 Honda Odyssey but maybe should be preaching the value of money and avoiding debt.  The same discipline it takes to train and run hard can be harnessed for financial management.  Avoid paying on credit or borrowing money for those “nice things” can keep you moving forward with a financial plan.   Parents including me do not spend enough time on money management training for their kids.

There is a blogger out there that has piqued my interest in a frugal lifestyle, he takes frugality to new extremes.  Cheryl and Dale Lister who are very frugal would be interested in this guy.   I know of one other person that I worked with that was extremely frugal, last time I checked they were still driving cars from 1990 and 1996 packing away their professional paychecks for years after their house was paid off.  By now I am sure they amassed millions hopefully for a purpose of helping others.

So you are probably wondering what is Hedonic Adaptation.

The philosophy of this blogger does not come from a Christian perspective but is analyzing himself on a constant basis following a path of Stoicism and avoiding Hedonism.  Still some very good articles to read in his 5 year blogging history.  He knows how to write and get you thinking.

DC Boys win DML Finals on tempo effort taking the top 9 spots

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Andrew Mitchell 16:50  Nic Boffman 16:51  Joseph Biehl 16:52  Kevin Pacheco 16:52  Chris Gonzalez 17:00  Ethan Laubach 17:02  Mynor Seguro 17:03  Caleb Fleckenstien 17:06  Michael Mayes 17:15.    Caleb gets the final Varsity spot.  Ryan Johnson ran 17:47 for 11th place and Joseph Devore ran 18:05 for 12th place.

Kalie ran 19:35 to win the girls race.  The girls won the race but were 2nd in the League due to earlier losses.

Newspaper Article came out today.  I included it in this video of the boys training.

Bronchitis strikes

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It is the day before the Desert Mountain League Finals.  The Desert Christian Boys team will win easily with a tempo effort.  The girls will not win for the first time in many many years.   Many of the boys have been sick and looks like I caught it.  I took them on a 12 mile mountain run Saturday at least the top 6 boys did 12 miles.  The next 3 boys are racing tomorrow so they only did 8 miles along with Dale Lister and me.   My dogs still love getting out to run and have a great time.  After the run I did a Strava Challenge the Gran Fondo 120km  riding my bike 75 miles and tried to get the Climbing Challenge (7000 ft more needed to complete it) I did just over 6000ft and was going to go out again to get the last 1000 ft needed on the last day of October but it was getting dark and trick or treaters where already coming out so I bagged it.  I did manage to get the Run Climbing challenge 10 for October with the 8 miles on Saturday.

Tomorrow at the DML finals the boys will be running a tempo effort 5:45 pace for the top 3 then 6:05 pace for the 2 freshman.  3 boys will be racing for the 9th spot on the Varsity team going into the CIF Prelims Nov 14  CIF Finals Nov 21 and State Finals Nov 28.  It should be interesting to see who can pull it off.  I am liking Ryan Johnson over Joseph Devore and Caleb Fleckenstein.  It will be close.

The boys are ranked 2nd in the SS and State behind Flintridge Prep and just ahead of Woodcrest Christian.


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