DCXC Long Run

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DCXC summer training

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THe CLayVe with newbies Victoria and Jessica (Victoria only here because dance was cancelled)

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Mizuno waiting for Hannah

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First 10 mile run for Kailie, Ethan and Chris of Desert Christian Cross Country Team

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Took the team out to SF at the PCT and ran east or south toward Mexico.  The runners mentioned above ran their first ever 10 mile run AND did it in the mountains.  I had 8.3 miles of hard effort.

IMG_2470 IMG_2474

Epic Ride 93 miles 9279 ft elevation 15.9mph

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I rode out Pine Cyn to Nenach and back, rode down Munz Rd and back up, met up with WB Wiggs and together we attacked a segment Johnson Summit Climb from ELR.  It is a 2% avg elevation gain going north on Johnson Rd from Elizabeth Lake Road.  Brad Wiggs took the first pull,  we averaged 19.3 mph and got the KOM in 4:09 besting the last KOM of 4:18.

We then rode down San Fransisquito to a gravel-dirt road that had patches of nice road inbetween SF and Lake Hughes Rd.  We then rode back up Lake Hughes Rd and back down Johnson to the Aqueduct and home.

It was nice meeting Brad and talking to him, we had previously only connected commenting on Strava.

Update 2015

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What is happening?

Kendall is asleep right now and it’s 12:30pm on a Sunday afternoon.  She is a nurse working the night shift at AV hospital in the ICU.  She misses the Clayve people as she does not get to work out that often.

Zac is completing his officer training in Alabama.  He wrote to us and told us he was chosen to be a field commander over 47 cadets.  He is finding the small things in life to be enjoyable like a clean pair of socks and a clean T-shirt.

Victoria has one more week at her summer intensive Ballet training in Pittsburgh,  She face timed me yesterday and told me all about her paddle boarding experience.   I found a 3 bedroom 2 bath condo for her and she picked 2 roommates for the next year of the graduate program.  She will be home for the month of August.

I ran with the kids from the Desert Christian Cross Country program yesterday up to Grass Mountain.  I am trying to get them all on Strava.  Still doing Strava challenges.  This morning I rode up Godde twice actually it is my RR 12 course from 70th west up to the top then down to 60th then up Godde to ELR and back again.  I rode it in 45:25 my fastest time is 44:58.  I then did it again.  My times up Godde were 11:41 (no wind) and 12:21 (a small breeze).  I am just not recovering very quickly.  Still sore from last Tuesday’s workout.

Watching the Tour de France,  watching Jordan Speith and his quest for his 3rd Major this year, the British Open.  He is only 1 shot back with one round to go tomorrow.  Severe wind delayed the tournament.  Kind of funny watching balls move on their own before the players putt them.


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