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Posted in Running on September 26, 2015 by claypatten

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DCXC RU ready for Prime Time

Posted in Running on September 26, 2015 by claypatten

DC has the top 4 spots locked up with Andrew, Nic, Biehl and freshman Chris Gonzales but there is a battle going on for the 5th,6th and 7th positions on the DC squad.  Michael Mayes stepped up to the plate today for the 5th spot running past Ethan Laubach and Mynor Salguero.    With Kevin Pacheco playing soccer and missing out on one of the best races in the Southern Section he left the door wide open.

I think this team has great potential I hope they realize it.  Led by Andrew Mitchell who ran 15:22, the 8th fastest time by a DC athlete in the past 25 years at Bell Jeff the team has 3 juniors in the top 3 positions. Nic Boffman had a good first half but appeared to fade in the second half ending up with a time of 16:27 and Joseph Biehl who has been sick came through strong with a time of 16:07.  Chris was 4th in 16:49.   Chris and Ethan are both freshman and are my prediction to round out the scoring 5 when CIF finals come around.  I am not sure of Ethan’s commitment to the 5th spot as he wore his training shoes for today’s race, had a great 2 miles  running even with Chris but could not maintain it.   Michael Mayes finished 5th in 17:14 with a strong finish but was unable to beat his last years time of 17:01.  Mynor, a senior who really doesn’t know his potential, has not had much training in the hills had a strong sprint finish behind Michael and Ethan.  Ryan Johnson and Caleb Fleckenstien are also contending for the top 7 but Caleb has been injured and will need to train hard to beat out Michael, Mynor and Ethan.

DCXC runs Bell Jeff

Posted in Running on September 26, 2015 by claypatten

DCXC entered the seeded race with Loyola, Quartz Hill, Highland.  The race was at 9:20am on a warm day.    I have been comparing this 2015 team to the 2010 team.  Their Bell-Jeff times are 4 seconds apart.  The 2010 team retains the 3rd fastest time of the past 25 DCXC teams by 4 seconds over the 2015 team.

DCXC Joseph Biehl takes it to Nic and Andrew on the long run

Posted in Running on September 20, 2015 by claypatten

Long Runs were not intended to be of high intensity.  When Andrew and Nic got done chasing Joseph Biehl up the mountain they had many CR’s on the Strava segments including the overall 4 miles up to the ridge in 32:59.  Too bad Joseph is not on Strava as that was a run to remember.


Posted in Running on September 17, 2015 by claypatten

2 loops warmup easy then 4 loops with emphasis on the 3rd loop.  4 segments on each loop comprised of DCXC Climb .25 miles then the DCXC Transition .25 miles then the DCXC downhill .3 miles.  The whole loop is actually a mile but the DCXC Loop the segment is .8 miles just adding up the other segments.  There is .2 miles to close the loop and this was done very easy in order to regroup before the next hard loop.  Just as in racing cars and bicycles you come into the corner wide and exit narrow on the inside slingshot.  Running downhill you automatically lengthen your stride and turnover but engage the core as this is not automatic.  Engaging the core can allow the legs to run faster under control.  If the hill is really steep do not lengthen the stride but have short fast turnover ‘quick steps’ until you can again increase your stride with the turnover.

Emphasis was placed on the DCXC downhill on the 3rd loop.  Andrew just edged out Nic 1:44 to 1:45.

DCXC runs the Dog Days of Summer

Posted in Running on September 12, 2015 by claypatten

The Running Brave Invitational was cancelled so Coach Visokey found a new meet in San Bernardino

Dog Days of Summer Invitational at Cajon High School.

Mitchell  15:21  1st in race, 1st in meet  Junior Course Record!

Boffman  16:04  3rd in race

Biehl  16:15

Gonzalez 16:38

Laubach  17:11

Salguero  17:28

Pacheco  17:40

Johnson 17:51

Devore  17:58

Fleckenstein and Mayes did not run. Pacheco and Salguero had a bad day going out too fast.  They will be competing with Chris Gonzales and possibly Caleb Fleckenstein for the #4 and 5 scoring positions on the team.   Boys team won first overall for the meet all divisions combined.  Kaile Jones finished in 4th place for the girls running 20:57

Dale is Back

Posted in Running on September 12, 2015 by claypatten

Ran with Dale Lister this morning 8 miles total.  Did 4 miles up to the ridge fairly slow but I haven’t been running much lately so will need to build back up for the cooler weather coming.  Go Dale!


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